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Featured Course

Training title: Level I for Electricians
Training reference code: ms_construct01
Start Date : 15 February 2017
Duration: 10 Months
Eligibility: Minimum School Certificate (SC)


Training title: Basic Technical training for security guards
Status: Ongoing
Enterprise: Brink’s (Mauritius) Ltd
Training Provider: Brink’s (Mauritius) Ltd
Training reference code: Others-01
Start Date: April 2017
Duration: 3 Months
Eligibility: CPE, ability to read and write (English and French), holder of a clear certificate of character

Training title: Basic Security Principles
Training reference code: Others-02
Enterprise: Companion Security Services Ltd
Training Provider: Focus Security Consulting Ltd
Start Date: June 2017
Duration: 3 Months
Eligibility: CPE, 18 Years and above

Training title: Database Design and Implementation Course
Training reference code: ict-11
Association: OTAM
Training Provider: Ceridian Learning Centre
Start Date: 02 May 2017
Duration: 7 to 8 Months
Eligibility: HSC Pass in 3A Level Sujects and 2 Subsidary Level subjects including (Either Mathematics, Computer Science, Science subjects up to grade C)

Training title: Management of Building Services
Training reference code: kc_construct02
Employer : Keep Clean Ltd
Training provider: Kalis Professional Training Training Centre Ltd
Start Date : 02 May 2017
Duration: 4 Months
Eligibility: Form III to VI


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