An initiative of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources,
Tertiary Education and Scientific Research
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the main components of the scheme?

NSDP comprises both training and placement.

2. What is the duration of course and placement?

3 to 12 months.

3. Who is eligible for the scheme?

  • Unemployed youths aged 16 years - 35 years.
  • For the construction sector, people between 18 and 35 years are eligible.

4. What are the benefits of the scheme?

  • Benefits from training for skills that are in high demand in the relevant industries/sectors.
  • At the end of successful completion of training, a certificate will be issued as applicable by TEC/MQA regulations
  • A stipend of Rs 5,000 plus Rs 1,000 for travelling expenses.

5. How is it different from YEP and GTES?

Degree and diploma holders are not eligible for NSDP. NSDP has a more significant training component than YEP while GTES are meant for unemployed graduates.

6. If I’m a diploma/Degree holder, can I participate in the scheme?

No, the scheme is intended for unemployed youth up to HSC only. Degree holders may register under GTES on the following website

7. What type of training will you be offered?

Industry-relevant training in 7 sectors namely ICT, construction, tourism and hospitality, nursing and paramedics, manufacturing, financial services and logistics

8. How and where can we obtain information regarding the courses / programmes?

Courses will be advertised on NSDP website and mass media e.g. newspapers.

9. After following a training programme under NSDP, am I eligible to participate in other Government skills development schemes like YEP, …?

After completion of an NSDP training programme, a trainee is not allowed to participate in other Government skills development schemes within the same enterprise/group of enterprises.

10. Does the trainee need to go through an interview before being selected?

There can be preliminary interviews for some courses.

11. Does the trainee need to pay for the training?

No, the NSDP is a government-funded project.

12. Who will deliver the courses?

MITD, registered MQA/TEC registered training providers.

13. Will the trainee get a salary during the training and placement period?

The trainee will be provided a monthly stipend of Rs 5,000 plus Rs 1,000 for travelling expenses by the HRDC during the period of training and placement based on attendance and satisfactory participation in training.

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